Thursday, April 17, 2008

Big Swim Coaching News: Big Blue's Head Coach to Depart after Olympic Trials Leaving Michigan to Return to NBAC: University of Michigan men's swimming head coach Bob Bowman announced that he will be leaving the program following the Beijing Olympics to assume chief executive officer responsibilities at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club and will prepare swimmers for Olympic and international competition. Bowman will continue in his capacity as U-M head coach, including with the Wolverine Swim Camps, and as the Club Wolverine high performance coach through the 2008 Olympic Trials in Omaha, Neb. (June 29-July 6).

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Mark Rauterkus said...

I posted this to the college swimming message board:

Bob B is departing Michigan for business opportunities. Humm.....

The best biz opportunity we've seen in some time is unfolding now with the release to the marketplace of the LZR Racer from Speedo.

Another guy left the coaching ranks from Michigan to work for Speedo, Stu I.

How many $550 suits do you need to sell a month to make a good living as a retailer? There is margin in there somewhere.

What about the ones that stitch the suits? I have a friend that has worked hard to expose the economics of 'sweatshops' in terms of merchandise for pro sports teams and college apparel. They had big protests / rallies around MLB's All Star Game because the jerseys sell for more than $100 and are made by people that might make that in a month.

Getting the technology and needles for stitching those suits could make for a lucrative business opportunity for some.

Just wondering as the threads merge (pun intended).....