Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Casino financing remains unsecured - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

This causes concern and the alternative solution is still valid.
Casino financing remains unsecured - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Two top Majestic Star officials said Tuesday the casino operator doesn't have enough money to build the North Shore slots palace, but will soon."
Move the slots parlor -- it isn't a 'casino' -- into the Convention Center. The Convention Center is already built. The Convention Center is a white elephant. The income from slots is not flowing yet. Prime the pump. Kill two major headaches with the same stone.

Yearly costs to operate the Convention Center and pay for past debt makes a huge weight upon the backs of the public treasury. Sell the Convention Center to Don Barden.

The Conventions that are already booked won't need to be screwed -- as Don Barden can also absorb the Vistors and Convention folks and he can put them on private payroll. They can manage the space as necessary.

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