Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hello dear members of Open Source Cinema! This is Brett Gaylor, the director of the project. I'm writing to you because the film, Basement Tapes, is almost done. It's been a four year process of filming, interviewing, and remixing, and it's almost done. The film is about 90 minutes long, and has a lot of great remix work from both and from the ether of YouTube. It's going to be good, but it still needs more contributions!

There are 4 things I'm looking for, and I'm hoping you can help!

1. Work you've already made that remixes pop culture. Videos and Songs that really highlight digital transformation, humour, insight, and mayhem. I'd like to open this film by showing some creative examples of remix culture, so if you have them, please send them!

2. Videoblogs on the subject of copyright, filesharing, the Internet. At several points in the film, we hear from videobloggers and youtubers. If you haven't recorded any, this would be a good chance. If you need some inspiration, consider Jammie Thomas - the single mother who was ordered to pay $222,000 for downloading 24 songs. Some reaction videos would be great - we've already used a few. Rant and rave or get creative!

3. Copyright criminal photos. Take a picture of yourself with a criminal mugshot - current copyright laws make us all criminals. We're going to compile these and make an animation for the film. Download the mughsot template here! note

4. Finally, and most importantly, we've got some specific remixing we're after for the final section of the film - the last speech by Creative Commons founder Lawrence Lessig on copyright, and Girl Talk's guerilla remix dance party at the Montreal Jazz Festival. MIx it all together on your computer and then re-upload it on the site - the last section of the film really needs collaborative power! The call for remixing.

Thanks to those of you who have submitted material and helped shape the film - stay tuned as we near completion! Editing is scheduled to finish in June 2008.

Keep remixing,
Brett Gaylor

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