Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sign Fall Out -- the road to victory includes the elimination of all no bid contracts in city and authories

This is NOT a victory regarding the Lamar sign matter, in my view, until the 'no bid contract' is put up for competitive bid.

After the zoning officials determine that the sign is well suited for the side of the public building, then the city / authority officials should put together a bid package.

How much is monthly rent? How much is guaranteed? When do the terms of the first lease expire? Is there an optional period? Who owns the equipment? Who pays for upkeep? What about utilities? All the details. All in the open.

Are other properties blended into the mix (removal of other billboards)? Where? What sq. foot? What neighborhoods?

This isn't about the billboard / sign. It is about no-bid-contracts.

And, is the no-bid contract going to be a thing of the past for all operations in the city and all authorities?

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