Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flashback -- Flashforward -- Cambodia -- Godspeed Anga

Last year at this time our family traveled to New Zealand. Catherine was a visiting professor and taught a course. We adhere to "no child left behind" -- so we bring our kids with us for the international exerience and applied education.

We love to travel as a family -- but make it a point to go abroad and bring along two graduate students from Pitt's audiology program. It has become a bit of a 'custom' and one we cherish.

This year year, Anga, seen in the photo at our house at meal time (last year), is headed abroad again. She left yesterday for a month of service in audiology in Cambodia.

Be safe. She is going solo. I hope we have tons of interesting photos and stories to share -- either while she is on the road -- or upon her return.

Personally, it is weird to be here, in Pittsburgh, in the spring. Last year we left Pittsburgh as winter was closing, and we returned to summer. While away, we enjoyed New Zealand's mild fall weather. So this year it is a treat to enjoy spring see the trees and flowers in bloom and the greening.


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