Friday, April 18, 2008

Kayakers find woman's body in Ohio River

Kayakers find woman's body in Ohio River: Kayakers find woman's body in Ohio River

Going out on the river to get some exercise has its downside. But, as an upside for the community, this person is found.

Moreover, the kayakers did a good deed in terms of the health of the river water and water quality. The body decomposition isn't something that should linger in the river's water -- as that water is used by others downstream.

Kayakers didn't save the day -- in that the woman was already dead. But, they did save the day in other terms for days yet to come if that body is left to float, stink, pollute and contaminate.

This is an Earth Day story -- and a story to say it is time for many clean-up efforts around town and beyond.

Furthermore, outdoor recreational people, such as kayakers, need to have some understandings on what to do when they come upon these situations.

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Kayakers find woman's body in Ohio River

The Beaver County Coroner plans to do an autopsy today on a body found yesterday in the Ohio River near the Norfolk Southern Railroad yard in Conway.

Coroner Teri Tatalovich-Rossi says the body floated ashore and was found by two kayakers.

The coroner says the body appears to be that of a short white woman with dark hair.

Authorities have yet to identify the body.