Thursday, April 24, 2008

New gifted program to begin next year at five city schools

This sucks.
New gifted program to begin next year at five city schools New gifted program to begin next year at five city schools.
Here we go again.

They aim to break something that isn't broken.

Gifted education in the city works just fine.

Thank goodness, and this is a selfish attitude that I generally do NOT like to champion, the pilot program leaves my kids behind. Great. I want them to do what they've been doing. It works well.

Our school is NOT on the list. So, life in Gifted Education for our kids will change only slightly. Programs everywhere will suffer due to the economy of scale.

The other bit of good news is that the pilot program's duration. It is going to continue for three years. By then, my youngest will be stepping out of the grades that are currently well served in the existing Gifted Program.

If the aim is "gifted instruction" for five days a week, then there should be a 'Gifted School.'

Many other "gifted schools" exist around the nation. Did the PPS task force go and look at those situations?

I'm in favor of a 'gifted high school' for Pittsburgh.
"I think five-day-a-week enrichment is going to do more for those young people," Mrs. Fink said.
Mrs. Fink talking about 'gifted education' is a hoot in itself. The use of 'logic' and 'common sense' at the board and administration level will do more for the young people of Pittsburgh than anything else.

Five-day-a-week enrichment means a school within a school or a gifted only school.

I agree, again, with board members Mark Brentley Sr. and Randall Taylor. But, I wish they did more than only vote to "abstain." Of course the quality of instruction will vary from school to school. Lots of schools have lots of problems. And, lots of the classroom teachers have bad attitudes to specialized gifted education.

This should unfold on cable TV tonight. I've got a snip of video as well. Look for a future post.

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