Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Marty Griffin -- Pin headed Turncoat who says do as I say -- not as I do.

I sent Marty G an instant access message while he is ranting on KDKA Radio. I posted to him:

Of course people let go of their faith -- all the time.

Marty said, "Never let go of your faith at any time."

Get out!!!!

Taliban holds onto faith at all costs too.

To BAIL (Marty's words) on 'crazy' is 'common sense.'

Marty says, "Bad, bad." I say, "It is human to grow, change, move, improve, and better themselves."

To 'think again' even in matters of faith, is okay. Otherwise, you'd be a 'pin head.'

Marty bailed on Obama too. A couple of weeks ago Marty was pulling hard to get Hillary Clinton out of the race saying she didn't have the credit to be on the ballot.

Marty is a turn-coat. I just wonder if Marty is doing the dance against Obama because his listeners and the voters of PA went more with Hillary?

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Anonymous said...

John K. says: Yo, Rauterkaus, Griffin is an opportunist. he plays to the crowd. He goes for ratings and nothing more. The part that bothers me is I do not think the man carries one principle other than ratings and job security.