Thursday, April 24, 2008

Break a leg

Schenley's musical All Shook Up opens this evening (Thursday) at 8 pm and continues with performances tomorrow (Friday), Saturday, and next week, Thurs., Fri., and Saturday. Schenley has a tradition of great musical performances and I urge everyone to try to see this show which will be the final one at Schenley for at least several years.

A heads' up on the Frick musical from Joan:

"Frick is getting ready to do the spring Musical. the dates are May 15,16
and 17. It is called "Gone with the Breeze" Tickets are $3. I am not sure when they go on sale I just got the final information yesterday."

I will try to get more information on tickets and times, etc. Taking your elementary school kids to see the Frick Middle School musical is a nice way to introduce them to the middle school experience.

And an update from Liz Oderoff from Fulton from April 16:
Fulton news: Kids just finished two weeks of PSSA tests and are worn out, so principal really responded to kids. They had a line dance two periods "to let it all out." And today, they are spending the whole day to see classes, dorms, campus of IUP with their (twenty) student teachers. The principal put it in terms of where your hard work can get you. Kids were very excited to see where their teachers hung out when they weren't with them.

We have an excellent program with IUP, Student teachers teach half a day and have classes at Fulton half a day at the first semester. Second semester, they spend the whole day in the classroom, but still have a faculty member at school for any questions that come up. It's a great program and very helpful to have two teachers in each classroom. The kids also love the young collegians.

If you have anything to share with the rest of the IS schools, please send it and I will include it with the next email.

amy moore

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