Thursday, April 24, 2008

Campaign finance reform vote possible today in city council

Campaign finance reform vote possible today in city council: "Councilman Patrick Dowd wants an amendment that would have the Ethics Hearing Board log all contributions into a searchable online database.
Another reason for me to get an appointment to the Ethics Hearing Board.

I'd love to see the Ethics Hearing Board get its act together. And, if this only goes into effect in 2010 or later -- then okay. There is some time. But, I have only a tiny bit of faith that it will come together as it should.

Heck, the Citizens Police Review Board has been around for a while and it is still without institutional cooperation from the brass in the police force. (See the City Paper.)

I am in favor of real time access to all campaign transactions in an online format. That can be managed by the private sectors with help from the banks.

I am in favor of campaign finance limits too.

These limits do NOT impact free speech of an individual. The individual can still say what he or she wants. But, they can't toss loads of money at candidates.

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