Friday, April 18, 2008

Use the Primary Election Day to get signatures for general election ballot

Primary Day in Pennsylvania is fast approaching. With your help, it can be a day when we take a major step forward as a party – not so much because of who is on the primary ballot, but because of who we can put on the ballot in November.

We need as many Pennsylvania residents as possible to go to the polls this Tuesday, April 22, to petition for our candidates to get on the general election ballot. Please take as much time as you can on Tuesday to grab a clipboard and some pens and ask these voters to help us give them a Libertarian choice in Pennsylvania in November!

You can download the nomination papers and find all the information you need to fill them out at (“Nomination papers” is the official state term for petitions in Pennsylvania). That petition will not only place our Presidential ticket on the ballot, it also includes your Libertarian candidates for Attorney General, Auditor General and State Treasurer.

There’s no better place to find registered voters who are in the mood to sign your petition than a polling place on Election Day! Every signature you can collect as a volunteer accomplishes much more than simply helping Libertarian candidates get on the general election ballot. We need to collect 24,666 valid signatures from Pennsylvania registered voters to succeed. That’s a tall-order that requires the help of professional petitioners who have to be paid. Every signature you get as a volunteer saves the party up to $2 each, which can be used to finish the petitioning efforts in Pennsylvania and all across the country.

Please go to today and follow the instructions to download and print the petition. Feel free to contact me directly by email at, or by phone at 202-288-9853, if you have any questions. I’m also happy to help you find a notary and someone with the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania to whom you can turn in the signatures you collect.

There will be many more opportunities for you to circulate the nomination papers up until we have to complete the drive in late July. But there’s no better chance to get valid signatures than at the polls on Tuesday. Every single signature helps! With your efforts, we’ll be able to get back on the ballot in Pennsylvania and give everyone a Libertarian alternative in November. Thanks!

Yours in liberty,

Sean Haugh

Political Director
Libertarian Party

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