Saturday, April 26, 2008

Former Pittsburgh schools chief hired in Georgia

We miss you Dr. Thompson!
Former Pittsburgh schools chief hired in Georgia: "A troubled Georgia school board voted unanimously this morning to hire former Pittsburgh schools chief John W. Thompson as its 'corrective superintendent.'
Take care of those kids. Good luck with the new job and responsibilities.

Dr. Thompson cared about the kids. Dr. Thompson cared about the parents of the kids too. And, Dr. Thompson did listen.

Meanwhile, today, we've got a school boss and a few in the higher administration who don't care to listen, interact and consult with the parents of the students in Pgh Public Schools. Mr. Roosevelt and his right-hand man for high school reform seem to think that they know it all.

The population loss in Pittsburgh is in a steep decline. It is getting steeper. Parents are pulling their kids out of the schools because of doubt and uncertainty.

Furthermore, we can deal with board turmoil. Board turmoil is NOT a bad thing. What they have in Georgia is NOT what we had. We always had members on the board. We never had people with votes bail out.

The solution to board troubles is an overhaul to the political landscape. That is something that was lost upon Dr. Thompson.

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