Monday, April 14, 2008

Radio gossip goes 'bitter'

Marty Griffin, KDKA Radio, says Pat Ford is making the rounds setting up TV news interviews. Perhaps he'll make a counter attack.

Ford is still getting paid.
That story about Barack Obama's "bitter" remark that got the pundits roaring this weekend was broken by citizen journalist Mayhill Fowler at the HuffPost's OffTheBus. An Obama supporter, Fowler didn't nearly anticipate the firestorm her post would cause. Her editor Marc Cooper describes the process of developing and posting the piece, noting that Fowler "employs a highly-personalized, reflective narrative style to her unconventional reporting – an approach that would be, indeed, non-grata, within the official campaign reporting bubble. It violates almost all of the conventions of traditional reporting (though not its ethical code) and that's what makes it all so damn interesting." Have we reached a new phase in journalism when a piece from an "amateur" can incite such a firestorm?


Anonymous said...

A small-town Pennsylvanian's view of arrogance I am not bitter. I am not frustrated. And for you to tell me that I am ... and to offer a diagnosis for my non-existent symptoms ... simply because I choose to place value on different things than you do, reveals volumes more about you than it does about me and my fellow small-town Americans.

A rough translation of your condescending statement

Anonymous said...

Five million people in this country suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease. During the next administration, the number will skyrocket due to the aging baby boomer population.

We need to ask our candidates what they’re going to do about it before it bankrupts Medicare and Medicaid. PA voters must ask that question now.