Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ron Paul Delegates Forced out of Republican Convention�-�

This is bad. This is one reason to NOT be a part of the Republican Party.

Furthermore, this is but a sign of things to come at the national conventions for the big parties.

You'd think that McCain Republicans, with delegates already locked up, would not be so illegal and underhanded and corrupt.
Ron Paul Delegates Forced out of Republican Convention: You’re not going to believe this audio - Nueces County Texas Republican Convention

Great job guys! This is how Revolutions start!

Ron Paul Delegates Forced out of Republican Convention

At the Nueces County Republican party convention, March 29th, in Corpus Christ Texas, Ron Paul supporters walked out in protest and held their own emergency convention in the parking lot. Republican party Chairperson Mike Bertuzzi grossly violated party rules by announcing new delegates to the morning's roll call who were never elected as precinct delegates on the night of the Republican primary, then again by ignoring repeated objections by party delegates, which he is required to recognize..

Mr. Bertuzzi claims that he avoided a 'party takeover' by unruly Ron Paul supporters, but a recently released audio tape of the event clearly shows otherwise. As a blatant violation of convention rules is underway by the Chairperson, many delegates can be heard rising to voice objections with no avail until a local man, Paul Hunt , is escorted out by the Sergeant at Arms..

If anyone has any doubt that we're in a dictatorship, please watch this video.