Wednesday, February 11, 2009

$300 Million is cash would put the City's pension fund into a healthy position in 20 years

Mayor Ravenstahl says a $300-million cash infusion today would make the city's pension fund to a healthy point in 20-years.

Rather than follow his idea of putting out two RFPs for the possible lease of the parking authority assets, I've got better ideas.

First, sell Heinz Field, a public-owned asset, to the Pittsburgh Steelers for $300-million. Sell Heinz Field now. The team should buy it.

Second, sell the parking garages. Sell them. Don't lease them. Have each parking property liquidated, over time, to buyers. Then, after a bulk of the parking facilities are sold, as is, to new owners, then lower the parking tax to five or ten percent.

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Anonymous said...

Good ideas - when people were liquid and banks loan money. NOW, won't happen. Leasing not a bad idea.