Friday, February 27, 2009

A School Booster Story

Just the other day I was talking about how the Pittsburgh Public Schools lack in terms of "booster groups." Here is a nice example of what is missing throughout the district throughout all the programs and schools.
CAPA friends nurture school, talent - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "CAPA friends nurture school, talent
CAPA is a jewel among the offerings in Pittsburgh. Yet, it isn't for my kids. And, there are some 'issues" -- as there must be with all schools.

Great to have strong academics and strong arts. However, a person asked me recently, "Do those who have outstanding talents in the arts always strong grades in other academic areas?"
"We strive to produce outstanding academicians as well as outstanding artists," Taliaferro said. "It makes our kids ready to problem-solve and participate in critical thinking, really ready to go out into the world and fulfill that Pittsburgh Promise."
Walt Disney would not be able to get into CAPA. Andy Warhol might have had a hard time getting into CAPA.

CAPA is for those who are good at arts and good in school courses. Both are necessary.

One knock against CAPA is that it excludes those with the raw artistic talent if they don't have the grades as well. Humm... What do you think.

For me, I'm okay with those standards that require solid classroom and artistic outcomes.

Of course CAPA students are making top test scores among the PPS High Schools. You don't need the combination of an audition and solid grades to get into any of the other schools. Why only 93.1 percent and only 92.4 percent? What about those others? CAPA should score the typical 110%, right? (Joke, re: the >100%, but not on the only 7.4%.)

CAPA does offer a welcoming environment. That's splendid. And, that feeling of a school is hard to replicated. Schenley had a great atmosphere too, when it was in Oakland. It moved and was changed by the PPS Board, including Patrick Dowd. Plus, CAPA's feel gets a whole new jolt for the 2009-10 school year as those in grades 6, 7 and 8 are going to be put into the same building / school as the existing kids of grades 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Yikes. I wish the district would tinker with the schools that are NOT so friendly and without the accomplishments.

Boosters are great. It is wonderful that the parents are stepping up to genreate additional support programs. Every school and every program needs its boosters.

We're starting on an effort to make a meta booster group in Pittsburgh for various programs and schools -- starting with sports. Interested?

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