Friday, February 13, 2009

Kellogg and Michael Phelps, update

From Ethan Nadelmann, Executive Director Drug Policy Alliance Network:
Thanks to you, the campaign against Kellogg's for dumping Michael Phelps has gotten the media's attention. We've been the subject of hundreds of news articles, as well as a segment on CNN.

Now is your chance to increase the heat:

We've swamped Kellogg's with comments on their phone lines, and
now we can make sure they listen by sending an email urging them to
retract their statement on Phelps:

DPA Network has already contacted Kellogg's asking for a meeting, and I'll let you know what we hear. With thousands of drug policy reformers like you taking action, they'll have to respond:

Believe it or not, a South Carolina sheriff is considering going after Phelps himself and has already arrested eight people associated with the party last fall at which he was photographed. So it's more important than ever to stand with Phelps and make our voices heard:

There should be no more marijuana arrests for Michael Phelps or anyone else. And Kellogg's should renew their contract with him. Contact them today to keep this concern at the forefront of Kellogg's -- and the public's -- minds:

For more insights, you can check out this thread.

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