Friday, February 06, 2009

Follow-up questions for Natalia Rudiak

The Pittsburgh Comet: Interview: Natalia Rudiak: "Interview: Natalia Rudiak"

I have some big picture questions for Natalia Rudiak as follow up to what Bram delivered.

I agree that the city and its citizens need greater public knowledge about decisions being made. Hence, the flaw of cooperation and more communication between Act 47, the ICA, Council and the Mayor's office deals with the elimination of all OVERLORDS.

The citizens and people as well as accountability is all in the trunk, yet alone back seat, when there are OVERLORDS in the role of driver.

So, the way to fix that isn't with more memos. Rather, toss the OVERLORDS out of town. And do that AFTER cleaning up our own (Grant Street) house first.

So, the goals and expectations need to be self-governance. That requires self control.

We need to elect people to council, the controller's & mayor's office who are sick and tired of OVERLORDS calling the shots because of a history of folly making by those in the past (and sadly, the present as well).

Furthermore, the URA has a history. And, it isn't good either. I don't want to work closer with the URA. Rather, I want to do away with what doesn't work.

The URA is an AUTHORITY that does deals and makes decisions without public knowledge.

Does Natalia Rudiak want to expel the cronies and OVERLORDS, or be the one at the table with them herself?

Is a TRID (that she wants) really just a new name for more bureaucratic red tape without accountability? Is the TRID a thing to create and have a life of its own? Or, can we just have a shared vision and make Beechview into a more wonderful neighborhood with splendid transit assets?

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