Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quote: "I think it's obscene." Kraus, again, has trouble paying a bill

City councilman sued over unpaid bill for campaign fliers - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "'The last piece came in at almost $7,000, which is way off the charts. I didn't authorize that but I didn't want them to eat the entire cost either, so I told them I'd be happy to pay $3,000 — like the other pieces,' said Kraus, 54, of the South Side. 'I paid them $1,500 as a first payment, but they want the whole thing. I'm not going to pay it. I think it's obscene.'"
I expect that the printing had the union bug on it. Is union work obscene?

That printing comes on the heels of the Jason saga. Court settlement was needed there too, I think.

Over-reaching doesn't pay.

I never spent $7,000 on a campaign brochure nor any campaign. But, I've got more than 7,000 votes.

Oh well.

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MH said...

I voted for you. Lamb even personally asked me to vote for him outside the polls, though that was the primary. I showed him the slip of paper I had in my hand so I wouldn't misspell DeSantis and he quickly moved on to the next person coming in.