Thursday, February 12, 2009

Boy, 9, takes handgun to school

Bad twist of events without a shot being fired due to some heads up work in the classroom by a teacher.
Boy, 9, takes handgun to school: "Students and teachers will be greeted by metal detectors today, though police said the incident is isolated.
Sounds like the buddies needed to get a handshake too.

Putting in metal detectors isn't going to make me feel any safer. Rather, it would make the conditions worse. This is a school for grades K to 5. For middle schools, I'm okay with that type of homeland security hassle tactic. Not so much for the elementary schools.

Is this the only case?

How much is this going to cost in terms of equipment and personelle? Put three folks on the doors and then there are fewer to coach basketball, reading and stand to guard on the street for traffic.

Autos are more of a worry than guns. Let's be sure the outside of our schools are safe with kids as they hit drop-off zones -- often on the wrong side of the street.

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