Friday, February 27, 2009

Mayor's busy bees stung by eagerness - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Mayor's busy bees stung by eagerness - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Mayor's busy bees stung by eagerness"
No big deal. I got a call too. And, I didn't even blog about it, until now and seeing your little rejection rant. Still, it is no big deal getting a phone call asking for political engagement.

When is the Trib going to host a debate? Perhaps you can take Luke, Carmen and Patrick out for lunch one day and ask them a set of questions and then write about it. Or, better yet, hold the meeting at a public place, say the lobby of the Pgh Childrens Museum.

I'm serious. It would be a valid public service for the folks at the Trib to do something constructive in terms of candidate debates in this city.

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