Thursday, February 19, 2009

Theresa Smith goes to Grant Street. Day 1 remarks and becoming chair of the Urban Recreation Committee!

She did well. Enjoy!

She, like me, cares about kids. She, like me, will listen and not offer stiff arms so as to not meet and choose to be alone. She, like me, talks of responsibility. She, like me, is a parent and knows what it means to parent and treasure the next generation and their hopes interwoven with ours.

Today was one of the best days in the city's history, as per my watching of dealings since the mid 1990s. Sure, we've got a new President in Washington DC. But my hopes are more centered upon the neighborhoods where we play and raise our kids. Those places and programs that are near to us, often not present yet, are much closer to the possibility now.

Hope is a four letter word, isn't it.

Also, check and

In other news, the Dow closes at its lowest level in more than six years. Well, playing with our kids isn't that expensive. It can be done on the cheap. It is a time investment, much more than a financial investment. When and as the economy slows -- it makes sense to re-set priorities and choose to spend the time and efforts to play with our kids.


Schultz said...

"like me..."

Sounds like a lot like the mayor, Mayor "Me" Ravenstahl

Mark Rauterkus said...

Schultz, "like me," except this is my blog. Luke needs to know better where and when he is in a public realm -- as mayor -- or as Luke.

I'm going to post here about things that I care about and tie my impressions and reasons to those ideas. I'm drawing connections and connecting dot to and from what I value. That's the mission.

So, the question to you is -- what do you care about?

Was there anything to enjoy from your perspective?

Perhaps not???

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the video!

Anonymous said...

Mark, I do not always agree with you and sometimes when I do I cringe at the tone of your delivery, but you provide a service to those of us who can barely hold our head above water until we get to Friday. I am grateful for the effort you put in to posts like this one.

Mark Rauterkus said...

If you always were in agreement -- I'd be boring.

My tone makes you cringe -- from time to time -- and that means you are getting pushed or pulled out of your comfort zone.

I feel flattered. :)