Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Other blogs and CP are spinning wheels and kicking up the dust of recycled electrons.

Patrick Dowd might be an ABT (Anyone But Them) candidate (for mayor of Pittsburgh in 2009's D primary), but in a different context. ABT could be: women and/or blacks and/or ex-public safety employees and/or lawyers.

You can dream about an Easter arrival from the "Patcave," (term coined above in the thread, sorta like "Batman's Batcave") a big splash and a change to the world. Or, you can help those who are already trying to do such for some time. Dream or reality.

It seems to me that the train with the "anyone but" slot has left the station. A late arrival to the ballot will diminish those efforts and insure the election of the existing mayor.

But, it isn't too late to get on board with someone from beyond Grant Street.

That is prudent generosity, IMHO. And, until proven otherwise, why so blind?


ABL = Anyone But Luke
ABT = Anyone But Them
WNC = Why not Carmen?


Bram Reichbaum said...

I feel a little badly about not giving Robinson enough credit and not taking an attentive enough look at her candidacy -- and then I remember the campaign material she already circulated, which Matt Hogue posted to his blog. I didn't need Hogue's analysis to come to the conclusion that that mess was embarrassing. Misspelled, ungrammatical, unattractive and substantively vacuous. At least I have heard from Dowd before, agreed with a good portion of what he's said, and respected most of the rest. At a certain point, if Carmen has indeed been "in the race" for so long, we need to wonder why hasn't her message reached anybody?

Mark Rauterkus said...

Feel bad. Then "Fix it."

Don't judge a book by its cover -- a first draft cover at that!

Her initial web site has since been overhauled. Yes?

Have you interviewed her?

Have you scheduled a debate date yet?

Her message, ABL, could be reaching people with open minds.

What has this city come to in terms of a done deal mentality when Matt H's first-blush analysis can submarine a candidate's chances of consideration? Golly.

"Think again."

A true "ABLer" would spit upon the arrival of another into the race, especially another from Grant Street - white, young, male aside. The third choice on the ballot raises a re-election chance by factors of hundreds.

Finally, when you, BRAM, made the call in December 08 that the race was already over, I balked. I said, hold on. Double-speak alert. How could it have been over then but still not to begin now? IMNSHO, in mid-Feb, for a guy who has never run a city-wide race, it is too late. The seriousness of the ambition of being mayor in 2009's cycle is to be questioned. To run to insure a re-election is more probable -- so as to pop the ABL opportunity.

FWIW, I'm not brainwashed with ABL beliefs.

Bram Reichbaum said...

I should note that my mind has been and remains open to Robinson. That doesn't change the fact that I have a generally favorable impression of Dowd and that I start with more confidence in his ability to run a successful campaign based on his 2-0 record running for public office in the City of Pittsburgh already. And I think Robinson should definitely be included in all debates.