Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Talking debates

I posted at another blog:

The debates are not for the candidates. Rather, they are for the ideas and for the sake of democracy.

If you don't use it -- you loose it. Our shared democracy and process of electing people hangs by a thread. When and if that system tumbles, then there is blood (more blood) on the streets.

The steal, take, bully mentality of entitlement is expressed in the deeds of hosting and participating in candidate debates. Is Pittsburgh the place where the gulf grows or shrinks between those that have and others that have not. That is what is at stake. Grow the gap or shrink it. Be fair, or be flip. Be accountable -- or be a king of a less human, less American, dying burgh.

I think Luke, Carmen and Patrick -- and Mr. Aklin too, will do plenty of debates and appearances if the public demands it and sets the stage. None have a monopoly on ideas. Each will contribute. We all will prosper if the system is robust.

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