Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Casino operators favor adding table games in Pa.

Casino operators favor adding table games in Pa.: "Yes to table games at state casinos, but no to video poker machines in thousands of bars and clubs statewide.
In PA, we sold the rights forever (sadly) for slots parlors to open in a limited way spread around the state.

If they want to have table games, then we must counter with two important conditions.

First, the cost isn't $50-million for table games. The cost is $400-million or more. Put it for bid with a $400-million minimum.

Second, the terms of the license for table games expires in 9 years. And, the term for the slots license expires as well, in 18 years.

Then, the slots and table game licenses can be re-newed in the future or not, based on the wishes of our the generations yet to come.

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