Friday, February 13, 2009

Petition for Independent Inspection and Evaluation of certain schools concerning asbestos

Print it, sign it, return it.

Petition as a Google Document is here. It's not an attachment -- it's stored online at Google Docs. To open this document, just click the link above. Content of the petition below. The forces at work on these efforts are fellow volunteers with great concern about the Pittsburgh Public School district. They publish and gather online at another blog, PURE Reform and website. PURE Reform stands for Parents United for Responsible Education Reform.

for Independent Inspection and Evaluation

February 16, 2009

that incidents of asbestos plaster failure at the Schenley High
School facility in 2007 caused the Pittsburgh Public School district
to arrange for an “Asbestos Plaster Potential Hazard
Inspection” report on the Schenley building, obtain a
consultant’s opinion as to the risk of danger in connection
with asbestos plaster in the building, and adopt an enhanced
monitoring and maintenance program at the building, and

that extensive asbestos plaster with a history of significant failure
has also been found to exist at the McKelvy, Vann, and Woolslair
buildings, and

that there is no indication that asbestos plaster potential hazard
inspections were arranged, consultant opinions as to plaster risk
were obtained or enhanced maintenance programs were adopted for the
McKelvy, Vann, or Woolslair buildings, and

that the consultant’s stated opinion that the plaster in the
Schenley building had “maintained its integrity for
approximately 90 years, and then started to fail almost universally
across the building” is contradicted by inspections and reports
by the district’s environmental consultants,

the undersigned citizens of the City of Pittsburgh, hereby
petition the School Board for the Pittsburgh Public Schools
an asbestos plaster inspection and opinion of risks, dangers and
relative condition of such plaster by an independent expert, of four
school buildings: Schenley, McKelvy, Vann, and Woolslair.

purposes of this petition an “independent expert” is a
qualified individual or company that has not performed work for the
Pittsburgh Public School district at any point during the past five
years and that at this time has no arrangement to begin performing
work for the Pittsburgh Public School district, and who is mutually
agreeable to both the Pittsburgh Public School district and to a
community group to be designated by the undersigned petitioners.

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