Sunday, February 22, 2009

My political litmus test: Subsidize a North Shore amphitheater?

My political litmus test: Subsidize a North Shore amphitheater?: "But Mr. Dowd was careful to say that the Rooneys, owners of the Steelers, were looking to breathe life into an area that had been nothing but a sea of asphalt for decades and 'to the extent we can laud that, I want to laud that.'
The Rooney family has been the reason why the North Side is mostly for surface parking spaces. They are to blame! They had the rights to develop the space around the stadium and the fumbled year in and year out.

The Rooney family should buy Heinz Field. If they want to hold concerts -- hold them in Heinz Field.

Sure, smaller end-zone concerts can be held in Heinz Field. Stages can be set to entertain only one side of the grandstand too. The Great Hall is under utilized.

Sell Heinz Field to the Steelers. The development deals have expired. If the Steelers want to put life somewhere -- they should do it with the stadium spaces, not new spaces.

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