Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Westinghouse, Schenley meet again in City girls' semifinals

Score was 56 to 26. Does anyone win with that score? It is a semi-final game.
Westinghouse, Schenley meet again in City girls' semifinals: "Westinghouse earned a trip to a City League championship game for the 21st year in a row with a 56-26 victory against Oliver last night in a semifinal game at Allderdice."


fixit said...

I am not completely sure what you mean about "does anyone win with that score?" I think some of the games I have attended were ridiculous in that coaches let their teams run the score up to a point where the win was meaningless. Nobody has to be beat that badly. And to boot it all, the coaches did not bench the starting line-up even as the game was out of reach for the opposition. I always say I would NEVER criticize a coach who is doing something for my kid I am unable to do. Coach. I do worry about the message we send youth when we allow games to be won by such margins.

It was nice to see you last night Mark. Does what I describe fall under STINKO SPORTS?

Mark Rauterkus said...

The score wasn't too too bad. We've seen much, much worse.

Stinko sports that I mean is more of a program and less of one game.