Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Penn Hills moves ahead with high school plans

So, Penn Hills is getting a new High School for grades 9 to 12 and it will cost $70-million. Shrinking enrollment too. And, the school will be bigger than the present high school. However, the present school is not grades 9-12, but 10 to 12, I think.

Meanwhile, in the city we can't do the touch up some plaster and ceilings at Schenley for half that cost????
Penn Hills moves ahead with high school plans: "Costs for the new building will be under the $70 million estimate stated at a previous board meeting, he said. The district will use state reimbursements and a bond issue to cover the cost.

The school board took no action on proposals for reconfiguring middle and elementary schools.

The district is in the midst of long-term planning to bring expenses in line with revenues and declining enrollment.

Two elementary schools were closed in 2008."

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Questioner said...

Just over half that cost would actually not only address asbestos risks at Schenley but also bring all new mechanical systems, according to the report of the buiilding task force created to address this issue.

Capacity would be 1300- plenty of space to house two "small schools" that could join together for sports and activities. Any idea of the capacity at Penn Hills?