Thursday, February 19, 2009

Golly. Dowd should step it up.

Don't strip the URA of its planning capacity. Rather, liquidate the URA. Strip the URA of its life. The URA is the problem too. Take it down. Then, if necessary, in the second term, re-build a better, different, agency within the context of accountable government.

Don't ask, "Where it the mayor?" Rather, tell those who will listen exactly that the mayor didn't show up and was instead doing XYZ.

I think the city could exist without ANY no bid contracts -- from campaign donors and everyone else.

If the planning efforts of Pittsburgh are suffering from decentralization -- does that mean he'll offer central planning? I rather enjoy organic planning and planning with freedoms in mind.

Do not "scale back the use of tax incentives to entice developers," when ending all tax incentives would work better. The tax incentive should be universal -- as in the land value tax. That's real incentive to invest in the city/region.

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