Saturday, June 18, 2005

Act 47 team warns city on cost of pool openings - UNREAL Lifeguarding

This letter goes over like running on the pool deck to dive into the shallow end with a tray of whine (pun) glasses.

I think I'll listen to 1360 AM and the Ron Morris show from 9-11 am as I had heard (I think) a promo that a company leader from Centimark (sp?) would be an on-air guest. That firm donated money to enable a REAMS pool re-opening.

Act 47 team warns city on cost of pool openings

Saturday, June 18, 2005, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh's Act 47 fiscal recovery team has sent a letter to Mayor Tom Murphy and City Council warning that opening more than 12 swimming pools this summer would 'be inconsistent' with the city's strict budget.

The letter, dated June 16 and signed by recovery team leaders James Roberts and Dean Kaplan, expresses 'concern' with the possible opening of Ream Pool in Mount Washington, Riverview Pool in Perry North and McBride Pool in Lincoln Place.

None of the three pools was approved for operation in the city's 2005 budget, but plans have emerged to open them anyway. Ream Pool's operations would be covered by a private donation, Riverview Pool's with Regional Asset District funds, and McBride Pool's with state funds that may become available.

The letter warned that the city might be on the hook for maintenance costs, or face liability for any injuries, even if it didn't fund operations at those pools.

The letter asked for prompt clarification of the anticipated costs of operating the pools.

Though the letter did not threaten punitive action, the Act 47 team can call on the state to withhold some funding if it finds the city out of compliance with its recovery plan.

This is grounds for making waves and further investigation.

Riverview is a RAD pool.

REAMS is turning into a civic, private, grass-roots venture that is get strung out again from the city so as to rely upon lifeguards but have pay from non-city budget sources.

The county wanted to pick up the operation of the newer swim pool up in the 31st ward. That pool, on the edge of the city line, is generally used by lots of non-city residents.


What does Bob O'Connor have to say, by the way. He was going to see that ALL of the pools were reopened if he was mayor. (Bad idea as well.) Bob was full of hot air on the campiagn trails. Now it is time to sound off on do "follow-up" on this matter.

The city pools opened yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

1974 was a good year for Reams Pool. I swam there; just a kid. I invented the Whacky Zacky dive. I'm dure no-one remembers it though. Swimming was free back then. I remember the turtle in the kiddie park - I wonder if it's still there. I got maced by some punks in the shower room that year - it didn't detract from my good experiences but I never forgot running out and jumping into the deep-end to sooth the burning.

It should still be free - more people would go - places like that form a child - man! Great memories! Those were surely the inocent days.

I wish it was the 70's again.