Wednesday, June 22, 2005

If I'm mayor, Salvation Army and Kroc Center is on the edge of the river and not in Brighton Heights

This pending, proposed, long-term development is something that we've been pondering for some time. I hope that they get it right. It sounds like they won't.

The McDonald's fast food giant was started by Ray Kroc. His wife began a massive foundation and has teamed up with some serious money to build modern, large community centers that are with sports, drama, and fitness. The model is already in operation in the San Diego area.

The closest we have around here that matches the concept is the Jewish Community Center. One is in the city in Sq. Hill and the other in the South Hills.

The Salvation Army has a number of facilities around the region as well. They have a dinky community center with a swim pool even downtown. Plus, a center is in the North Side, and it had a computer lab at one time. And farther away, they have a camp that takes kids for a week at a time in the summer months.

Today KQV did a radio interview with on at Salvation Army.

The local S.A. is going to put in for a grant to try to get one of the centers. I think a dozor or so are going to be built around the nation. These are $40-million grants, so I hear. There is little to report upon at this time, other than the locals are going to go after a Kroc grant proposal, as expected.

Some in the Salvation Army administration are changing. I began to work on a relationship a couple of eyars ago, but that individual is no longer in the same role. They, like others in clergy or missionary work, seem to move around a good deal with their devotion and call to service.

The news reports say a 30 acre site for the proposal is in Brighton Heights, a section in the north and west part of the city. This land is now owned by the URA.

A more inspiring site on the river's edge might give a better chance at winning the grant.

Furthermore, a more inspiring site on the river's edge might be pivitol to getting more people to live and reside in the golden triangle vicinity.

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