Wednesday, June 15, 2005

We are home, safe and sound!

The bottom line -- we are home and all here, safe, sound, with bags, gifts, memories and new experiences.

The day started, local time, with us in Bangkok. We had to catch a van to the airport in our hotel lobby at 4:30 am. Pittsburgh time makes that at 5:30 pm. We flew to Japan, then Chicago and finally Pittsburgh at 9 pm -- all on United Airlines. Great flights and service.

The boys have show and tell in their classrooms tomorrow for their final day of school. Erik and Grant both are going to do PowerPoint presentations with slides and even a quiz for their school mates. Erik is going to play two Chineese Folk songs on his new violin.

Next pop quiz / riddle. Where do you eat when you sit but can't put your napkin in your lap?

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