Thursday, June 30, 2005

South Side's Authentic Food Fest Update: Abruzzi's and Halo's

Abruzzi's moved to the Holiday Inn Express on the South Side, just a short walk from the current place.

Abruzzi's used to be HELENS. Helen had a food joint that was family style. She'd cook and you'd eat what she cooked. No menus were needed.

Abruzzi's is authentic Italian Cuisine and on 10th Street, one the same block as the Oliver Bath House. It is now serving lunch M-F from 11:30 am.

Another new opening, but brand new, is HALO Cafe. They've done a splendid job on a church rehab. It is right on East Carson Street and just opening now. Valet parking available.

I'm not a food critic, so I'll pass on giving my insights. Imagine that. But you all can post below. Additionally, if you want to set a date, I'd be glad to go there with you and yours as a guest. My bar tab will be $0, so I'm cheap. :)

Come Live Over Here -- and enjoy the South Side. And we won't even miss the Street Spectacular this summer.

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