Friday, June 24, 2005

China dealings in the news: The bad karma of US actions are wearing on me.

There have been a number of issues with China in the news recently. On almost all instances, I'm favorable to the position of China and not that of D.C.'s.

I like free trade. I think it is wrong to force China to prop up its own export limits or export tax on textile products. This news broke more than a month ago. The US signed a free trade deal and now it wants to ignore it.

I agree with Alan Greenspan. I see no harm in the US Dollar being a benchmark for the China currency. The dollar float is matched perfectly with the China exchange rate. This foils the messing that could happen with DC wonks. They don't like it. Tuff! I'd rather have China hitching to the US Dollar than the Euro.

Today's news had to do with the USA's position that China isn't helping enough with the power ploy on North Korea in terms of weapons.

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Rob said...

Neither Australia nor the United States will give Chen political asylum.