Monday, June 27, 2005

Lump camp swings into high gear

This week, my boys are engaged in Lump Camp. This isn't anything new to us. We've gotten quite good at this activity in past summers as well.

We are going to get some of the details of this fantastic experience documented this year so as to allow others to sign-up for it in the future. But most of all, I'm hoping that my kids will grow up to one day be camp leaders for their own Lump Camps. They are still campers. Next year we might allow for one to graduate to Junior Leadership Roles.

Lunch is provided at lump camp, only if you ask for it, and ask at the proper times. Plus, lunch depends upon available leftovers in the refrig or hotdogs in the freezer.

We got a leg up on this week's lump camp this weekend. It is always good to build up to the activities of nothingness and not go 'cold turkey' so you don't hit the wall.

We did have a little bout of Thai Boxing at the end of lump camp today. But, officially, that session was AFTER Lump Camp's day ended. Thai Boxing and other such motions are strongly encouraged and permitted after mom walks in the door at the end of her long day at the office. We have to keep the daytime pure and void of activities.

In our Thai Boxing lessons, Grant, 7, worked on keeping his head up so as to avoide the headlock position between my ankles.

Next week, Grant goes to half-day Zoo Camp. So, our time in the zone, the sweet zone of nothingness and naps, is fleeting.

When it is 90+ degrees (F) outside, we have great weather for lump camp. You can't drop into Lump Camp. We have a strict policy on visitors. But, for the future, should you get the clearance and apply early, say for next year, be sure to bring sweaters. The air conditioning is on 'high.'

One of the nice perks of the Green Tree Swim Team is the 8 to 10 pm swim practice as it doesn't bump into Lump Camp. Time to shave and head to the pool.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

The God-mother (L.B.) of Erik (my #1 son) heard about "LUMP CAMP" and asked, "What does LUMP stand for?"

LUMP is not an abreviated name nor ACRONYM.

We are being "lumps." We are like bumps on a log -- sitting around. Could be "couch potatos" -- but don't want to offend the spud farmers. And, we don't need to do a lot of TV watching either.

Tuesday's lump camp includes a field trip -- as we need to take the one car to the dealer's for repair. That will be akin to the cow jumping over the moon -- but I think we can swing it. Got to get to be early for that to occur.

Tuesday's lump camp ends at 3:30 pm -- as we have our first swim meet in the evening.