Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Patriot Act - statement of opposition got the endorsement from County and State Libertarians

The Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania chapters of the ACLU sent out an endorsement call and both the Libertarian Party of Allghengy County and the Libertarian Party of PA are included on a letter that has just been sent to the Judiciary Committee Chair of the US Senate, our own Arlen Specter, Republican.

The exercise accomplished the following:

* Added weight to the very real concerns surrounding the Patriot Act.

* Presented the LPPA and LPPGH names out there where our "LP" brand should certainly stand apart from some of the left-leaning groups.

* Established some contacts within the ACLUs of PA and Pittsburgh that we can use in the future.

* Reminded them that we are "the third largest political party in Pennsylvania" and that when necessary we can be organizationally responsive to an appropriate request
even if requested in an awkward way. (Although, I hope they learn to be a little more proactive and maybe feel just a little guilty.)

* Gave local Libertarians an opportunity to respond to a "fire drill" where we had to react quickly to an opportunity to promote liberty and to promote ourselves. We passed, but I hope we can do this even smoother next time.

Hats off to Mark C, a local Libertarian leader, who was on best behavior with the
ACLU and keep on this side of being tolerant of those who make it difficult for us to do them a favor.

A few feel that the letter is pretty lame, but maybe it has to be and too long.

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