Sunday, June 26, 2005

Slogan stumbles for 2008. Hey, BOOC, Think again. One size doesn' fit all.

Every Olympics has an organizational stumble and snafu, or two. It is good to see China's approach is to get its stumble out of the way early. They must have said, "Let's get this money off our backs and do a major screw up now, in 2005. Then we'll be done with all the screw-ups and expect smooth sailing the rest of the way.

BEIJING (AP) -- The slogan for the 2008 Beijing Olympics will be "One World, One Dream."

This slogan "embodies the common aspiration of the 1.3 billion Chinese people in establishing a world of peace and better future," said Liu Qi, president of Beijing's Olympic organizing committee.

The slogan was chosen from 210,000 proposals in Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages, Liu said.

Chinese Cabinet member Li Changchun announced the slogan Sunday at a gala in the city's Workers Stadium featuring breakdancers, basketball players performing with a military band, and television celebrities. The ceremony was televised live.

Also Sunday, China started construction of its 160-acre Olympic Village, where 16,000 athletes and officials will live during the games. It is to be completed by the end of 2007, organizers said.

The slogan, "One World" is a darn great slogan. I love that part as the song, "One World" is on my CDs that I've been giving out since late 2004. Mindy Simmons, friend, singer and songwritter, provides the song, "One World" as part of my campaign CD.

By the way, Mindy is going to be back with her music and guitar very soon. She'll be doing a concert on Monday, July 11 in Kenyon College as part of Summer Institute. Plus, Mindy is doing a service and concert at First Unitarian on Sunday morning, July 17. First Unitarian is in Shadyside. If you can go -- please do. She's great.

The song, One World, from a female, American singer associated withe a free-market community guy in Pittsburgh comes from a point of view that is grossly unlike that from China's top officials in Beijing.

One World, One Heart -- that would work for me.

How about One World, Countless Dreams -- that would work for me too.

I just hate to see the "one dream" part as it feels too much like we'll be stuffing too many square pegs into round holes.

As for other Olympic stumbles -- how about the motocycle crash in Athens? But there are countless official, coach, athlete blunders. Do you remember the unleashing of the masot well in advance of the Atlanta Olympics? That was a royal joke. It was like this droopey white star that was like a puffed potato chip. That character was gone before anyone could say, "Give-me-Coke and a smile while calling Disney ASAP."

How about, "One World, One Spirit of Determination!"

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