Sunday, June 12, 2005

What to wear to a palace in Bangkok

We arrived to Bangkok. Tonight was mostly about exploring our hotel, on the river. Splendid. Toilets too!

The exchange rate is 400 to 1 U.S.Dollar. And I have a problem paying for parking in Pittsburgh, getting a bill for Grant's Sprite, bowl of pasta, Italian Bread and wood oven pizza (International buffet and al a carte downstairs) is a bit of a heart stopper. Paying more than 1,000 for anything is a good way to get sticker shock.

Now, what to wear to a palace? No shorts. Half day tour is set to begin at 8:45 am.

We got our gifts gathered and packaged now with gift wrap. Can't do that gift wrap thing any more with the travel security.

At the front on the hotel there is a fence-like divider holding cars away from the front door. The hotel security checks you before driving up -- and does the mirror peek under the auto, van, taxi or three-wheeled cycle.

American breakfast in the morning. Erik will be hungry by then.

Soon hope to enjoy a visit with James -- fellow Pittsburgher and worker at Phillips Elem. James is here with his team to Thai Box. Jeepers. Who knows what that adventure is going to deliver?

Hope the camera can get a plug into the wall for a battery charge.

Time wise, we had been exactly 12 hours ahead of Pittsburgh while in China. Here there is a one hour time change as we went further west. Temperature wise, I think Pittsburgh has been hotter than Chengdu. But, Bangkok raises the bar a bit in terms of HEAT. The air is clear and the traffic was very light on a Sunday evening arrival.

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