Sunday, June 19, 2005

Updating dart boards has become much easier with these cards.

If this was really about growing 'sprouts' -- I'd be happy. However, as I see it, this is more about preservation of the status quo. Same old same old gets institutional support from those who claim to be change-agents.
Want political savvy? It's in the cards - The inaugural 60-card set was unveiled Saturday night at Hothouse '05 -- the annual money-raiser for the Sprout Fund, which provided the seed money of $9,400 for the venture.

I'd rather provide a set a trading cards for a thousand Chinees gods than give my kids cards with little known facts of those who are taking apart our city, folly by folly.

Rather than reveal little know facts, the card creators should have stuck to straight politics.

The less the people know, the better those in power like it. Rather than give straight up info on who stands for what -- and who was at the helm as various bogus budgets came into being to cripple our region -- do fluff.

I feel certain that I'd be happy if half of the 60 who are featured on those trading cards were put into the private sector at the next election.

I'd be thrilled, plus we'd see a rebound of the region's public health if every one of those featured today on the trading cards were removed from office and put into the private sector.

Those trading cards should serve as resume cards. Every elected cronie needs a new job. If you like a person -- offer him or her a job in your business. Your business might take a hit, but, the region will have hope.

By the way, does Joe Weinroth have a trading card? What about Alan Perry and Tonya Payne?

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