Saturday, June 25, 2005

Just getting my head above water.... What do you make of these numbers?

On May 18, just after the May 17 election day, we went over the Pacific Ocean for a month. I'm just now getting my act in gear in terms of catch-up.

What do you make of these election result numbers?

At first blush, I see that at every polling place, I got someone to vote for me. I didn't get ZERO anywhere.

The totals again:

Mark Rauterkus = 2,542

Michael Diven = 13,353

Wayne Fontana = 19,834

I got more than 7 percent of the total vote in the three way race.

The City Paper ran a blurb after the election and they had the numbers wrong. I was outspent about 250 to 1 by each candidate. But I was NOT outvoted by such an amount. I was outvoted 5 to 1 by Diven. I was outvoted 7.8 to 1 by Fontana.

Insights welcomed. Mine detailed insights yet to be posted.

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