Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Personal update from Running Mate, Mike Sally

Fellow dad, and South Side neighbor, Mike, turned a corner, saved a life, changed his career and opened a web site. He also has encouraged me to put out a call to form a team and/or relays for the Pittsburgh Triathlon, July 17. Here is his update.

In April, I commenced a new career and decided to become a mortgage loan officer. It has been exciting. I started a new web site at www.loansforpahomes.com. Both things that I would not even imagined doing while a paralegal! I am proud to now be in the position to directly help people! Perhaps is was just foreshadowing for some similar events.

For whatever reason, the first weekend after the decision was made to change, I was in the fortunate place (with others who were also caring enough to stop) to assist an older woman who was in a burning car in Western Maryland. To make a long story short, I ended up in the Western Maryland by a higher spiritual power. Thankfully the woman in the car survived her ordeal (although the car burnt to the ground!).

Since then, I have spoken to a lot of wonderful people, and, even better yet, saved another person.....from foreclosure!

I am now asking for your assistance.

I would greatly appreciate any referral so that I can provide a service to those who need a mortgage. No, I'm not looking to save anyone else (although, if the situation presents itself, I will!!!) but I am simply asking if you could refer to me people who are considering a home purchase, or need advice in refinancing their current mortgage.

I will offer any referral the best rate and I will back it up with unparallelled service. The company that I work for is licensed to do business in both Pennsylvania and Florida.

I appreciate your continued support and hope this year continues to be gracious to all!

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