Saturday, June 25, 2005

Jerry Bowyer is out at WPTT, 1360 AM -- talk show switches

On the 4th of July, WPTT has a new line-up. Frankly, I don't like it. I'll miss Bowyer.

7-9 am = Laura Ingraham Show (syndicated)
9 to noon = Lynn Cullen (Pgh's own)
Noon to 3 = The Thom Hartmann Show (syndicated)
3 to 6 = Uncle Dougie, Doug Hoerth

Boywer is leaving for a new talk show on WORD-FM (101.5) starting in September.

Clark Howard (syndicated) is from 6 to 10 pm.


Thomas Leturgey said...

Not a fan of the changes, either. While I am a fan of Laura Ingraham, the show will nearly be 24 hours old once it runs on WPTT. And she talks too much about legal matters and court happenings. Really, it's a way to keep the signal "warm" until Cullen. The sad thing is, there won't be a conservative local voice to counter the sometimes outrageous and sometimes slanderous Cullen audience.

WPTT clearly becomes more liberal, which has traditionally been the dreggs when it comes to ratings. There isn't a market for it locally; or as Air America shows us, it doesn't work nationally, either.

Bowyer's show has become far-more religious in programming over the last few months. It doesn't surprise me that he wants to move on; however, the move to WORD isn't even a lateral move, unless the pay is superior. I wish him the best.

Doug Hoerth in the afternoon is the best, as Jerry wasn't going to put a dent in Fred Honsberger or Sean Hannity's ratings. Doug is a much better afternoon fix, as no one else is doing "light" material.

No more Neal Bortz: could never get into his gig anyway. No loss.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Today, the first since the news of the new progamming at 1360, Jerry Bowyer was absent. In his slot, Bill Green tickled me with a straight-up delivery of the news of Jerry's future. So the story goes:

Jerry Bowyer is to replace the Rev. Billy Graham, with a first sermon at the Regatta on Sunday, with Boy Scouts to carry the X Commandments in a old (historic) frame in a parade down Liberty Ave in convertable.

Brand new minister!

Big party is planned, but no booze, is to be tossed by the owner of the WPTT station.


Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Bowyer, an evangelical evangelist? That's a hoot. Billy Graham would spit.