Tuesday, June 21, 2005

KDKA: Hundreds Claim Wrongfully Ticketed in Pittsburgh

We just paid $80 for two tickets -- with late fees. Yesterday. And for the life of me I can't remember getting those tickets. Humm. I'm not perfect -- but -- I am generally aware. Oh well. Perhaps my wife will give up some sympathy for me after reading this news story.
KDKA: Hundreds Claim Wrongfully Ticketed in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh (AP) Since the Pittsburgh Parking Authority turned over a list of more than 50,000 unpaid parking tickets to a collection agency last month, hundreds of people have complained they never got a ticket.

Take Walker Lundy. The retired Philadelphia Inquirer executive editor says he has never even been in Pittsburgh and can't understand why he got a collection letter for a ticket from November.

The ticket was written for a car he says he sold five years ago. Lundy says the parking authority told him options are to fight the ticket or pay the $18 fine.

Walker, who lives in North Carolina, says he won't do either, and can cost the authority more than $18 in bureaucratic time.

A spokesman for Mayor Tom Murphy says that shouldn't be necessary. He says a staffer will look into the case and if Lundy can show he drives a different car or had a different registration, the ticket will be dismissed.

The city turned the unpaid ticket cases over to a collection agency in hopes of collecting an estimated $1 million.

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