Sunday, June 26, 2005

Training for the Triathlon

My self-paced swim workout was greater in distance than the distance for the actual race. The race is 1.5K in the Allegheny River. Looking at the course, the first 1/3rd goes upstream and the back 2/3rds flows with the current.

Swim 400 with flip turns (no stopping)
Swim 400 with open turn, head up at mid length for peeking (no stopping)
Pull 1 x 200
Pull 4 x 50 (10-sec rest between, swimming faster)
Paddles 1 x 200
Paddles 4 x 50 (10-sec rest between, faster)
Swim Breast 1 x 200
Swim Breast 4 x 50
Kick 1 x 200 (Breast)
100 swim down

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Folling day, took a run around midnight.

Next day, swimming.
Pull 700 + 500 swim + 100 pull + 100 swim (building the last 200)
Summary: went the 1.5 k distance without stopping, mostly flip turns in the front half. Did 60 lengths at Green Tree's pool before a swim meet. The meet didn't occur because of a strom.

Goal: When I can swim 100 lengths, non-stop, with head peeking up each length, with flip turns -- then I'll have the confidence to "finish" and be ready to start the "race elements."