Tuesday, June 21, 2005

EFF's guide to help bloggers understand the law

The Electionic Frontier Foundation created an guide to help bloggers understand the law and their rights.

This roadmap to the legal issues bloggers confront. Know rights, and blog freely with the knowledge of legitimate, protected speech.

Legal issues affect publishers, especially with legal claims or threats based on the information published on blogs. Issues could arise when you publish material created by others on a blog.

Defamation (libel) law discussions of the constitutional and statutory privileges may protect too. Federal law gives some protections against legal claims arising from hosting information written by third parties.

Privacy rights of people you blog about are part of a FAQ.

Reporter's Privilege is useful to bloggers who report news gathered from confidential sources.

Get tips for bloggers for getting access to public records and government meetings, as well as press passes to help with newsgathering. Legal issues swirl when blogging about political campaigns.

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