Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Still FLOATING in China -- without internet and not missing it much

We have another week of travels until we gain touch down in Pittsburgh. But, here comes the typical disclaimer. We have house and animal sitters at our home. Hour house guests are fine and so are the animals. All is being cared for, except, my internet fixes. But, frankly, I'm doing fine without, thank you for caring.

The only time I get to the internet is with a visit to a net business where there are two rooms -- each with about 40 computers, side by side. Many here around me are playing games and using the headsets for audio.

Our three wheeled bike went back to the bike fix it guy again today. It isn't fair to call this a visit to the bike "shop" as he is more of a sidewalk kind guy. But, he is good. Fixed the crank (on the bike) and my crank spun away.

Yesterday we saw our old badminton coach. What a chore to get to the facility. Beyond the bad crank. The road repair in certain stretches means we push the bike.

Today for fun we went back to music row and started to bargain for GUITAR PICKS. Too soon to tell on that front.

Should get the camera back, before our AM water polo game. I'm swimming up a storm. Played a bit of goalie in the last game. To be exact, I was the "starting goalie" -- but only played the first period there. Then went onto my normal play. I let the ex-two-time olympian go ahead and hog the keeper's position.

Who was the male swimmer from China who got 16th in the Olympics 100 BREAST -- and also won the ASIAN Championships. His PR is 104. He did a 105 at the games. I think he swam in LA and Seoul. To type the least -- it is nice having a back-up like him.

And, I've been saying little -- as I'm not that good with the local language. And, I'm not blogging either. So, as they say often in China, ...


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