Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bigger Budget and Bigger Pay for Harrisburg's Politicians

The state house and state senate put in a late budget and is about to get some pay raises. The pay increases are going to state lawmakers, judges, and top honchos within the executive-branch.

The 2005-06 budget of $24.27 billion represents a 6.1% increase in spending over this year's budget of $22.87 billion. This marks an 18% increase in spending for PA since Gov. Rendell took office in 2003.

The pay increase for lawmakers increases base pay 16% from $69,647 to $81,050. Committee chairmen pay increased by 28% to $89,155, and committee vice-chairmen pay increased by 22% to $85,103. Majority and minority leaders' pay increased 24% from $100,911 to $124,788. Pay for the Speaker of the House and Senate President Pro Tempore increased 34% from $108,724 to $145,553.

The pay rates, since the time of Gov Ridge, were hooked to the rate of inflation in Phili. This pay hike goes above and beyond that one that was to last deep into the future.

The PA House and Senate members' I ran against, Diven, R, and Fontana, D, both voted for the tardy budget and voted against the pay raise.

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Jeebas said...

Mark, I have complete lists of all the "greed" votes here and here