Friday, July 01, 2005

Legislative Pay Raises

Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania
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Pennsylvania legislators feel they do not make enough money. Yet, our legislators already rank, with California, New York and Michigan, as the highest paid state legislators earning over $69,000 per year. In addition, they receive a generous daily expense allowance of $125 per day, a car with insurance and health insurance. Plus, they receive an automatic cost of living adjustment each year.

The Libertarian Party strongly opposes this excessive compensation of our legislature. Neighboring states pay significantly less to their legislators. New Jersey pays $49,000 per year while Delaware pays $36,500. Neither state provides a per diem expense allowance.

Other states manage their affairs paying far less than this. For example, New Hampshire pays just $200 for a two year term of office. New Hampshire also has no state income tax and no state sales tax. If only our legislators could exercise that kind of tax restraint.

Perhaps our legislature should be paid for performance, not politics. Their salary could be tied to the change in the inflation adjusted state budget. If the inflation adjusted state budget increases 4%, then the legislature gets a 4% pay cut. If they hold the line per inflation, they get the inflation rate. If they cut spending 3%
below inflation, then they get 3%.

Performance pay -- perfect for Pennsylvania.

The Libertarian Party, the third largest and fastest growing political party in Pennsylvania and the nation, continues to provide a beacon of hope for voters disillusioned by the fog of Big Government.

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