Saturday, July 02, 2005

NYC hopes Senator Clinton can boost its chances to land 2012 Olympics - More Sports - NYC hopes Senator Clinton�can boost its chances - Saturday July 2, 2005 4:15PM SINGAPORE (AP) -- Other cities are bringing presidents, prime ministers and royalty in hopes of landing the 2012 Olympics. New York is bringing Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Okay, here comes my best wishes with a political mind: I'd love to see NYC get the Olympics. That's official.

I've got a lot of friends and even some family in NY and the general area. I could stay with them for a month in 2012 and earn my keep by trading pins and offering to wash auto window in bump-to-bumper traffic outside a tunnel.

My circle of friends in London, Moscow, Madrid, and Paris is much more thin, presently.

Otherwise, there is sure to be a big party in one of the cities in a couple of days when the news is released. It would be fun to be in Madrid or Moscow when, and if, that decision comes to be known.

When Syndey got the Olympic bid, that city was over joyed. And, the glow lasted for months, if not years and right up the to hosting of the games.

The tone in NYC isn't expected to be the same, I dare predict. A great many there be happy, no doubt. But I don't think we'll see the gushing, ga-ga reaction.

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Paris falling: Three days before the IOC decides who will host the 2012 Olympic Games, bookmakers think London has improved its chances against longtime favorite Paris.

London's odds now stand at 11-4 with William Hill, which once had them at 7-2. The betting agency has lengthened Paris from 1-6 to 1-4.

Madrid is 20-1, New York 25-1 and Moscow the 50-1 outsider.

Hill's spokesman, Graham Sharpe, said that London bid chairman Seb Coe was producing the same form off the track as he showed when winning back-to-back Olympic 1,500-meter titles in 1980 and 1984.

"There is no doubt Lord Coe was a master tactician on a racetrack, and the feeling is growing that maybe he has timed his finishing kick just right to take London past Paris on the final run-in," Sharpe said.

Rival Ladbrokes has cut London from 7-2 to 3-1, and now has Paris at 1-4 from 2-9.